Anne Frank: The Whole Story is a 2001 two-part ABC TV miniseries based on the life of Anne Frank, starring Ben Kingsley, Brenda Blethyn, Lili Taylor and Hannah Taylor Gordon in the title role of Anne Frank. It is the most well-known dramatisation of Anne's life after The Diary of Anne Frank (1959), and also the most detailed of the films/TV series about Anne, telling her story from when she was ten, right up until her death in Bergen Belsen in 1945. It was nominated for three Golden Globes and won an Emmy.

The main cast of the film

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The film had many famous actors/actresses appearing in it, and some new ones as well; all of them performed amazingly in the film.

The cast was:

  • Hannah Taylor Gordon as Anne Frank
  • Ben Kingsley as Otto Frank
  • Tatjana Blacher as Edith Frank
  • Jessica Manley as Margot Frank
  • Brenda Blethyn as Auguste van Pels
  • Nicholas Audsley as Peter van Pels
  • Joachim Krol as Hermann van Pels
  • Jan Niklas as Fritz Pfeffer
  • Lili Taylor as Miep Gies
  • Victoria Anne Brown as Jacque van Maarsen
  • Jade Williams as Hanneli Goslar

Other Credits:

Director: Robert Dornhelm

Screenplay: Kirk Ellis

Music: Graeme Revell

Based on the Biography by: Melissa Muller


The two-part series was made by ABC and Buena Vista; it was based on the well-known biography of Anne Frank by Austrian Melissa Muller, called Ann'e Frank: The Biography.

There was a disagreement between the filmmakers and the Anne Frank Foundation because the filmmakers wanted to depict in the film that the cleaning lady at 263 Prinsengracht was the one who betrayed 

the Franks, the van Pels and Mr. Pfeffer, as Melissa Muller wrote in the biography, even though there is no proof to support this claim.

In the end, the Anne Frank Foundation denied the filmmakers the rights to



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Diary of a Young Girl, which meant that the filmmakers could not  include any quotations from Anne's diary in the film; this explains the absence of any such quotes.

The film is rated 12A in the UK and Ireland, and TV-14 in the US, because it depicts in detail the horrors of the concentration camps, including a particularly unpleasant scene in which Anne, Margot, Edith and Mrs. van Pels are stripped of their valuables, their clothing and their hair in Auschwitz-Birkenau, a scene which a lot of people would find disturbing. Dead bodies are also shown in the film, in

cluding Margot's dead body in one of the final scenes.

It is 190 minutes, making it quite a long film; it is available on DVD in   most DVD stores.